How To Use Our Site

A. Claim using "Time" groupings.  

If you want to make a list for example 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, 60 Minutes or any timer available you want then just click the corresponding timer to show only the timer you want to appear. For example a 5 Minutes groupings.


B. Using our rotator. - This is much easier way to claim from differrent faucets using only a single page. Just click the rotator button and then use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons.

Note: Not all faucets can be added in a rotator since the owner don't want to allow it.

C. Make your own presonalized rotator - You first need to register an account here.

When you create your own rotator, it works the same as the general rotator here but the difference is the faucets that will appear is the faucets of your own pick and own choice.

1. Register an account then log in.

2. Click "Make Rotator" button.

3. Follow the guide below. It's applicable to all cryptocurrency coins.